Reptile skin, breeding snakes

Reptile skins, especially snake skins are highly valued for making leather items, like leather bags. Snakes will periodically shed their skin as they grow bigger through a process called moulting. Some times reptiles are getting caught in the trap laid for other animals like rats.

In India, cobras are venomous, yet are worshipped during the Nag Panchami festival. In some snakes,the venom is removed, so that they do not pose a threat even if they bite them.

The snake farm of Romulus Whitaker is famous for breeding snakes, for their venom, which is an antidote for snake bite.

Snakes and mankind

People with large houses are more likely to have snakes visiting them, For example the google, tata sponsored cbi employee eighth standard pass gujju housewife naina, mother of two sons, found a snake outside her house recently at night. The dogs in the locality started barking after they spotted the snake, which was fairly small. The family of the gujju housewife cbi employee then called the forestry department who then caught the snake and took it away. It appears that naina and her house are a magnet for snakes, and this was the third time that a snake had visited the house.

Though panaji is the capital of goa, there are many areas where snakes are flourishing. For example near St Inez creek, close to the fire department and government quarters, there are many wild plants growing, and it appears that there are many snakes also in the area. Some laborers have built their sheds using aluminium corrugated sheets, yet the snakes continue to flourish .

Usually snakes are only spotted during the evening or night, however on 5 August 2017, a fairly large black snake was spotted at around 10.45 am in the morning, indicating that there are a large number of snakes

Snakes, pythons

Most people are associating reptiles with snakes and pythons as they are often featured in the mainstream media and people in rural areas, small towns often encounter the snakes. Snakes may be poisonous or non poisonous depending on the species, however it is recommended that all snakes are avoided to the extent possible as most people do not have the necessary information and skills to identify whether a snake is venomous or not. The snakes are usually found in densely forested areas, in gardens and other places where they find shelter.

Reptiles do not have good eyesight, yet they have excellent hearing powers, allowing them to detect people, other creatures in a particular area. Killing many reptiles is prohibited as they are an endangered species.