Dead snake in pipeline causes water shortage in Canacona, Goa

Many parts of goa remain rural, and there are a large number of snakes which are roaming around. The media reported that a dead snake resulted in a water shortage in Canacona, South Goa . The villagers were not getting any water, so they complained to water supply department
The water supply department said that there was no problem from their end as there was plenty of water
So the villagers continued to complain about the water shortage, so the water supply department employees went to check the tank and connecting pipe.
After investigating they found that there was a dead snake in the pipe connecting the storage tank to the water supply line
After removing the dead snake, water supply was restored
In small towns, there are far more reptile, animal related problems, compared to metro cities like Mumbai, and it can be expensive to deal with these problems, so a person living in a small town requires more money to deal with rats, frogs, cats and other animals

Rat snake found in Agra water treatment plant

The media reported that a rat snake was found in the Agra water treatment plant in May 2018. It was later caught by the wild life authorities. Many snakes are found in the area, as they are attracted towards the sand beds in the water treatment plant. There are many snakes in the river near the water treatment plant.

The rat snake is often confused with the more venomous indian cobra and killed because it is similar in appearance