Women and geckos

In India, women who “beautiful silly fools ” ( from the Great Gatsby ) are role models for the corrupt regressive indian intelligence and security agency employees, so most indian women are not independent, they depend on their husband or male family members .

The indian security and intelligence agencies are allowed to waste a huge amount of indian tax payer money to destroy the life of independent ugly women, stalking and sexually harassing them.

So when these dumb ugly women, role models for security agencies are unable to appreciate pests,pets, are usually terrified when they spot pests like cockroaches, geckos and lizards, screaming loudly


Skinks are lesser known reptiles which are fairly common in tropical areas, especially in Goa. In homes where the washbasin is not in use for some time, if water is added to the wash basin, the skink which may be hiding in the drainage system will appear in the drain sink trying to get out. The skink spotted in panaji, goa was beige in colour with brown stripes and beady round eyes. It was trying to emerge from the sink in the washbasin, however it was not able to come out for 1 hour. When the washbasin was checked later, the skink had disappeared.

There is a large market for exotic animals worldwide and it appears that skinks are widely smuggled , especially from Australia to european countries, as Australia has a fairly unique flora and fauna due to isolation. The media reported recently that an Australian court had convicted a person for smuggling a few different varieties of australian skinks to italy in his suitcase.

The trade in the australian skinks is prohibited, however due to the demand it appears that the person took the risk to smuggle the skink.