Something New to Replace Something Ancient

In a small corner of New York, I have a little shop that sells used goods. People bring their items to me that they no longer want, I clean them up a little and make sure they are in working order, and then sell them for a profit. There are other larger stores that perform the same funcntion, but there aren’t any in the area, so I’ve carved out a pretty nice role for my shop in the community. I always want customers to return, which is why I had an air conditioner installation in NYC done to replace a broken one in the shop.

The air conditioner just randomly stopped working one day and the customers that were in the shop were able to feel it after an hour. I could tell that the customers were getting to the point that they wanted to spend as little time in the store as possible so they could avoid sweating a lot. I had some fans in the back that I turned on in order to cool some of the hot air, but it felt like the fans were only just blowing around the same hot air without any kind of temperature difference.

Although I can fix up some items and sell them, I can’t fix an air conditioner, so I contacted a local company to fix mine. Unfortunately, the air conditioner was too far gone and a new one had to be installed in its place. The old air conditioner had been in the store since the previous owners had it, and I think it had been built back in the 1980s. I was long overdue for a new air conditioner, but I wasn’t planning on getting one for a while. This event pretty much forced my hand, but it’s a good thing that I finally have a new one.