Video of escaped albino python becomes viral

According to a report in mid-day, a video of an escaped albino python has become viral online.
The video shows people trying to push the albino python back into the house through the grills
One person is standing on the ledge below the window and trying to push the python inside.
it is not clear whether the python died or was injured.
The report claims that the video was from either Kurla, Byculla or Thane
Increasingly people are betraying each other, so people prefer to keep exotic pets like snakes in their homes. Caring for snakes is difficult and if they escape they create a nuisance.

Mahi Arya from Haldwani allegedly uses a cobra to kill her boyfriend Ankit Chauhan

Indicating the lack of humanity and ruthlessness of young women in india today, Mahi Arya from Haldwani, Uttarkhand allegedly uses a cobra to kill her boyfriend Ankit Chauhan . After the dead body of Ankit Chauhan was found in a car in Haldwani, the police thought that he died due to carbon monoxide poisoning.
Later after the body was sent for post mortem, it was found that there were snake bites on his feet.
After the call records of Mahi Arya were checked, it was found that she was communicating with a snake charmer Ramesh Nath from Uttar Pradesh
Ramesh Nath confessed that he was paid Rs 10000 by Mahi Arya for having his snakes bite the feet of Ankit Chauhan after he was sedated, giving him drugs without his knowledge
After dumping the body of Ankit Chauhan in a car, Mahi Arya allegedly left for nepal with her new boyfriend Deep chandel and two servants from the house.
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Reptiles seized after hyderabad pub posts photos of customers dancing with reptiles on Instagram

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The pub also posted photos of the event on instagram after which the reptiles were seized from the pet shop which supplied the reptiles to the pub.

Red eared slider turtle prices increase

Earlier Red eared slider turtles were readily available and priced at Rs 300-400
After the pandemic, most of the pet shops were not stocking them for a long time.
In 2023, after nearly 3 years, the turtles are now available in the pet shops, though most are stocking only two or more
One shop was offering the turtles for Rs 450 and the other was offering for Rs 500 with discount.
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Softshell turtle, 5 star tortoises seized from Marine Aqua Zoo

Softshell turtle, 5 star tortoises seized from Marine Aqua Zoo
According to a report in Hindustan Times, the forest department seized Softshell turtle, 5 star tortoises , plum-headed parakeets from Marine Aqua Zoo in Shivaji Park, Dadar since they are protected species in India
The zoo also had other exotic reptiles like iguanas, geckos, pythons , exotic fish and spider which were not seized since the zoo owner had completed the necessary paperwork
The zoo is charging Rs 20 as entry fee, visitors can handle the animals, take photos paying an additional fee.

Black iguana found in container from Brazil

The media reported that a black iguana was found in a container from Brazil containing metal products in Uran.
The black iguana is a native of South America and may have accidentally entered the container
It was approximately 3.5 feet long
The iguana stayed without food for approximately 20 days, the time taken for the container to be shipped from brazil to india
The iguana is under observation and may be returned to south america.

Many young people are keeping ball and reticulated pythons as pets

According to an article in week and other sources, many people especially young people are keeping ball and reticulated pythons as pets in their home.
Some young people are keeping the pythons even in their rented homes, and leaving them behind when they leave the home.
Pythons are preferred since they are low maintenance.
According to the experts quoted , the pythons only require one rat, and it is sufficient for a fortnight or week

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Indonesian woman Jahrah swallowed by 22 foot python

The media reported that an indonesian woman Jahrah was swallowed by a 22 foot reticulated python
The woman was a rubber tapper who went inside the forest in Jambi district for collecting rubber
When she did not return home, her family went searching for her.
They did not find her but found some clothes, and a large python with a bloated stomach
When the stomach was cut open the body of the woman was found inside
The woman must have been strangled and then swallowed by the python in a process which may have taken at least two hours.
There are other people who are also killed and swallowed by pythons in Indonesia

Thane resident arrested for allegedly killing monitor lizard, consuming its meat

According to a newspaper report, the forest department arrested Thane resident Vicky Lad for allegedly killing monitor lizard, consuming its meat since the monitor lizard is a protected animal under the Wildlife act.
Lad was a snake catcher,and his home was located on hill with a lot of vegetation. The monitor lizard had entered the neighbors house and his took it. When forest department officials visited Lad’s home in Patlipada, they found the monitor meat in the refrigerator
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Turtles, lizards and snakes smuggled from Thailand to India

According to media reports two indian women were arrested at Bangkok airport after 109 live animals were found in their luggage
Wildlife officials called to the airport discovered two white porcupines, two armadillos, 35 turtles, 50 lizards and 20 snakes in the two pieces of luggage
the two women were flying from bangkok to chennai
This exposes the massive demand for wild animals in India
The women may have been offered a holiday in Thailand if they smuggled the animals in their luggage
Increasingly due to government SLAVERY and other reasons, some people are making huge amounts of money in India without doing any work, while others are making very less money despite working long hours.So those who have plenty of money are purchasing exotic animals since it is difficult to trust people.