Snake based serials with Vishkanya are very popular indicating irrational behavior in India

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One of the most popular television serials on Colors is Naagin
It is an extremely unbelievable television serial, that a human being can change their shape and become a snake is simply impossible
Anyone who has studied science, will realize that the serial is unrealistic, it is only a science fiction story
However it appears to have a big fan following, and good TRPs
So it appears that indians love these kind of serials.
To be fair, the serial has very good looking actors and actresses, and is produced by Ekta Kapoor
This serial shows the lack of scientific temper in India, the reason why experienced engineers with good JEE rank are subjected to identity theft by the state, central government, ntro, raw, cbi, security agencies , why india is the largest importer of defence equipment as the indian government falsely claims that google, tata supplied goan call girls, cheater housewives, school dropouts, document robbers and other lazy greedy fraud women who never answered JEE have the impressive resume, savings of the experienced engineer to pay all these fraud engineers a monthly raw/cbi/indian government salary