My Posture Caused Numbness in My Arms and Hands

I told my grandmother that I would sand the old glossy paint on her closed-in porch and prime and paint it for her. The ceilings are a little over nine feet high. I used a sanding block attached to an extension pole and sanded for a couple of days. I stopped doing this kind of work for a living due to back problems and nerve damage. After sanding for a couple of days I had to go see my chiropractor in San Jose as my arms and hands would go numb. My upper back hurt really bad, but kind of eased up if I hunched forward. However, when I did that, I would get this feeling in my arms and hands like you get if you sleep on your arm all night. It would go instantly numb and start tingling bad. It was a numbness that actually hurt. Continue reading My Posture Caused Numbness in My Arms and Hands

Thin brown snake spotted at Lake view colony, panaji,goa near St Inez creek

It appears that there are a large number of snakes in Lake View colony and nearby areas, like the government quarters, and Fire Brigade at St Inez.

After a small snake, probably a sand boa or viper was spotted in March 2018, on 17 May 2018 at approximately 6 pm, the domain investor spotted a thin long brown snake near the road for entering Lake view colony. The snake appeared suddenly from the bushes at the side of the st inez creek, wriggled for some time and disappeared just as suddenly.

Compared to the snake spotted earlier it was a longer snake , and was fairly thin
Since it was visible for a very short period of time, no photo could be taken, it appeared to be a rat snake , was light brown in color
There are many homes less than 3 meters from the spot where the snake was spotted, it may enter their house
This is the third snake spotted by the domain investor in the last one year, a black krait was spotted behind the government quarters in June 2017

Surveillance used to mislead turtle owner, google competitor

One of the main problems faced by the google competitor due to the surveillance she is under since 2010, is that most people who she speaks to, are giving her wrong information.

for example she has a red eyed slider turtle who is always hungry. however the pet shop owners are misleading her and telling her that she should give them only one pellet of food at a time, when actually the turtle can consume at least 20-30 pellets at a time, and is always looking for more food

Now the turtle owner, finds that because of the wrong information provided by the pet shop owner, the turtle is also growing very slowly

Crocodile attacks in Andaman islands increase

Though the population and number of tourists visiting Andaman Islands has increased rapidly in the last few years, it is also reported that the number of crocodile attacks on humans in the Andaman Islands has increased.

Due to conservation efforts, the number of salt water crocodiles in the islands which has wild life reserves has increased and these crocodiles are often straying to the beaches which are used by the tourists and also others including migrant labor

In the last year, 6 people were killed in the island by the crocodiles, including one American lady tourist .Once the crocodile attacks the victim, it is very difficult to make the crocodile leave the victim

Media covers Olive ridley turtles, no news of red eyed slider turtles

The Olive ridley turtles are a protected species of turtles which come to beaches in Goa, Odissa and other places for nesting.
Other than leopards which enter residential and other areas and are trapped by forest department staff, no other animals get so much coverage in the indian mainstream media
Major newspapers are covering the news of how these turtles are spotted on the beach, the hatchlings making their way back to the beach, and other weather conditions harming the turtles
However though pet shops are selling turtle food, there is almost no news of the red eyed slider turtles in newspapers, magazines. It would be interesting to find why the mainstream media does not consider the red eyed turtles , relevant enough to be included in the news.