Private Bank employee murders wife with cobra while sleeping near Kollam, Kerala

Though the indian government allows security and intelligence agencies to waste crores of taxpayer money to harass single woman, the fact is that marriage is very risky.
If the husband does not like the wife, he can get the wife murdered using unusual methods, so that the murder is not detected like the snake murder in Kerala
The newspapers reported that a private Bank employee in Kollam, Kerala murdered his 25 year old wife Uthara using poisonous cobra to bite her while sleeping.
The murder was only detected when Uthara’s parents approached the police that they found the death suspicious since she had been bitten by a snake earlier also , a few months ago and recovered.
It was found that the husband purchased poisonous snakes , a Russell’s viper and cobra from a snake catcher. He kept the poisonous snakes in a bottle, and when his wife was sleeping he got the cobra to bite her to death.
The police claim that there are financial issues, yet the exact details are not provided.

Two headed wolf snake found in Odissa

A rare two headed wolf snake found in the Keonjhar wildlife sanctuary in Odissa by some wildlife experts. The two heads of the snake usually compete against each other. Due to this, the snake does not live for long. Both the heads of the snake are alike . The snake was found close to the water.

This discovery of a two headed snake was widely covered in the media