Green snake in train compartment causes train delay in Mumbai

The newspapers reported that a green tree snake was spotted in the 8,33 am Titwala to Mumbai cst train in August 2018. Some commuters noticed the snake in their compartment near thane station, raised an alarm, and the train was halted at the Thane station
The train commuters exited the compartment and some railway staff entered the compartment, caught the snake and removed it from the compartment, so that the train could run on its normal route
However due to the halting of the train with the snake, the central railway time table was disrupted and a large number of trains on the central line in Mumbai were delayed for several hours that day , causing inconvenience to the millions of railway commuters.
Some people allege that the snake was a prank played on the railways by unidentified persons. However the fact remains that the trains are halting in very remote areas, near forests where there are snakes and other wildlife.

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