Mother-in-law killed using poisonous snake by daughter-in-law and her paramour

In another case of using snakes for murder in India, in Jhujhunu in Rajasthan, an elderly woman Mother-in-law was killed using a poisonous snake by daughter-in-law and her paramour since the daughter-in-law was tired of the nagging of the mother-in-law.
the husband of the woman was working in the army and away from home at the time of the death.
The paramour of the wife had procured the snake from a snake charmer, and the wife kept the snake near her mother in law at night in a bag. The woman was found dead the next day. The police found that the wife had made 100 phone calls to the paramour on the night of the death.
The snake charmer turned approver and revealed the information that he had provided the snake.

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