It is a Great Day Today

My brother and I went shopping for monuments in Newark NJ for his wife who just passed last year. He was not ready to go out and get a stone for a long time, so I told him when he was ready that I would make sure to clear my schedule so that I could go out with him. I knew that there were a few places to go, but I wanted to see what was out there to pick from. When you look at a catalog it could be pretty hard to figure out how big the features of some of the fancy stones are. Even with measurements, it could be really hard to try to imagine what it will look like. Since the stone is forever, I wanted to make sure that he was ready to look so he did not feel rushed, or pick out something that he was not going to like later on in time.

My brother and I went to a few stores and we did not find anything that we thought would represent her well. He said that she liked butterflies so we were going out to look for something that had either a butterfly or some pretty insect on it. We finally made our way to a place that many people said had a lot of things to chose from. When we got there, it looked like a large lot filled with stones. We were about to leave when he wanted to look at some stones in the back and out of the way. As soon as we got there, we saw the perfect stone with a butterfly on the top. It was really great to find and we both cried our eyes out when we saw there was a real butterfly on it, a true gift.

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A Storm Took Down a Tree

Storms never scared me when I was younger. Now that I am older and a homeowner, I admit that I do get a bit frightened when there is a thunderstorm. The noise doesn’t scare me at all, and I find it to be peaceful actually. What does bother me is the lightning. I have a lot of trees around the house, and my worst fear came true a few weeks ago. I needed to hire a Nassau County tree removal company because lightning struck a large tree right next to the mailbox. Part of the tree came down on the mailbox, and the other part was leaning at a dangerous slant.

I knew I needed to get someone out here quickly. I had no idea how fragile the tree was, or at least the part that was still standing. The part that fell was not blocking the road at all, but if the other one fell at a different angle, it could. Read the rest of this entry »

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My Posture Caused Numbness in My Arms and Hands

I told my grandmother that I would sand the old glossy paint on her closed-in porch and prime and paint it for her. The ceilings are a little over nine feet high. I used a sanding block attached to an extension pole and sanded for a couple of days. I stopped doing this kind of work for a living due to back problems and nerve damage. After sanding for a couple of days I had to go see my chiropractor in San Jose as my arms and hands would go numb. My upper back hurt really bad, but kind of eased up if I hunched forward. However, when I did that, I would get this feeling in my arms and hands like you get if you sleep on your arm all night. It would go instantly numb and start tingling bad. It was a numbness that actually hurt. Read the rest of this entry »

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