A Storm Took Down a Tree

Storms never scared me when I was younger. Now that I am older and a homeowner, I admit that I do get a bit frightened when there is a thunderstorm. The noise doesn’t scare me at all, and I find it to be peaceful actually. What does bother me is the lightning. I have a lot of trees around the house, and my worst fear came true a few weeks ago. I needed to hire a Nassau County tree removal company because lightning struck a large tree right next to the mailbox. Part of the tree came down on the mailbox, and the other part was leaning at a dangerous slant.

I knew I needed to get someone out here quickly. I had no idea how fragile the tree was, or at least the part that was still standing. The part that fell was not blocking the road at all, but if the other one fell at a different angle, it could. Even worse, it could fall down on someone who is driving by, and that is something I did not want to happen. I was so nervous standing out there assessing the damage, and my neighbor was able to calm me down.

He told me that he knew the right tree service to use. He explained that they would come out immediately because of the potential danger involved, and he also soothed my fears when he explained they are reasonable as far as prices go. I was more worried about someone getting hurt, but it was nice to hear that they would not empty my bank account! They were there within two hours, and they were able to get the tree down safely. I thought they would leave it there and come back out later since the danger was gone, but they took care of everything right there on the spot. I cannot tell you how relieved I am over that!

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