My Posture Caused Numbness in My Arms and Hands

I told my grandmother that I would sand the old glossy paint on her closed-in porch and prime and paint it for her. The ceilings are a little over nine feet high. I used a sanding block attached to an extension pole and sanded for a couple of days. I stopped doing this kind of work for a living due to back problems and nerve damage. After sanding for a couple of days I had to go see my chiropractor in San Jose as my arms and hands would go numb. My upper back hurt really bad, but kind of eased up if I hunched forward. However, when I did that, I would get this feeling in my arms and hands like you get if you sleep on your arm all night. It would go instantly numb and start tingling bad. It was a numbness that actually hurt.

I made sure to not make a peep, gesture or facial expression that would give the pain away to my grandmother. If I did that, then she would order me to stop the work and would take over herself. She is in no shape to be climbing ladders to paint any longer. The chiropractor in San Jose kept me working for the five days it took me to finish the job. I had some kind of issue with my upper back that wrecked my posture. For years I leaned forward because it eased the overall pain in my upper back. My posture then had a direct effect on the circulation and nerve conduction in my arms, hands and fingers. You could feel the difference in my pulse when I leaned forward or forced myself upright.

I could not hold the upright posture for long as it hurt too much. This is what the chiropractor was going to help me correct now that my painting job was finished.

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