Geckos as pets

Eastern Fence Lizard

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Like squirrels, geckos are extremely agile and have feet which are designed to transport the geckos on walls , moving against the force of gravity. It is usually difficult to catch the geckos. Like other lizards, the tails of the geckos will break off , if they are attacked by their enemies like cats, to distract the enemies of the geckos. The geckos like some other lizards can then regrow their tail again

The geckos are active both at day and night. Like most animals they are avoiding human beings and will usually run away unless they are unwell. The geckos are reptiles and are cold blooded animals. In some countries, geckos are kept as pets. In other countries especially south east asia, geckos usually Tokay geckos are in demand as a cure for aids . The buyers specify that the geckos should have a particular weight.

While there are some pest control products for getting rid of geckos and lizards , these are usually difficult to find. It is observed that when a gum based rat trap is laid to catch the rats and mice, usually it is the lizards and cockroaches who are caught in the glue trap as the rats, mice are smart enough to evade the glue trap.

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