Geckos for pest control

However women who are independent, lacking time and money to get rid of pests using hazardous pest control services which are also expensive , will appreciate the geckos in the house, especially if they have a large number of cockroaches and other insects in their house. The cockroaches and other insects form an integral part of the diet of the geckos and are a very effective and eco friendly pest control method, which does not involve any chemicals.

A pet gecko can be obtained for free or a low cost less than Rs 100 compared to pest control services which cost Rs 1500 or more. Additionally when using chemical pest control methods, a lot of time has to be wasted, clearing up the house so that pest control can be done, and also removing the dead pests and chemical residues after the pest control work is completed.

The home owner has to vacate the house for a few hours when pest control has to be done, which some may not be willing to do for security reasons

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