Thin brown snake spotted at Lake view colony, panaji,goa near St Inez creek

It appears that there are a large number of snakes in Lake View colony and nearby areas, like the government quarters, and Fire Brigade at St Inez.

After a small snake, probably a sand boa or viper was spotted in March 2018, on 17 May 2018 at approximately 6 pm, the domain investor spotted a thin long brown snake near the road for entering Lake view colony. The snake appeared suddenly from the bushes at the side of the st inez creek, wriggled for some time and disappeared just as suddenly.

Compared to the snake spotted earlier it was a longer snake , and was fairly thin
Since it was visible for a very short period of time, no photo could be taken, it appeared to be a rat snake , was light brown in color
There are many homes less than 3 meters from the spot where the snake was spotted, it may enter their house
This is the third snake spotted by the domain investor in the last one year, a black krait was spotted behind the government quarters in June 2017

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